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cergam group

Our company, Cergam Lda., once called “Fábrica de Faianças da Malveira Lda” started its activity in 1968, and our core business was focused in hand painted ceramics, and later was extended to commercialize and distribute domestic and hotel utilities. More recently, we extended as well our core business to electricity production.
Our company headquarters, near Lisbon, has a range area of 2.500 square meters, and an available area of more than 7.000 square meters. We have experience in the national and international markets, and we export to countries such as Netherlands, France and United States of America.
Our mission and politics are based in a strong customer satisfaction commitment, through the efficient, fast and reliable products distribution.
We have 5 distinct business areas:

  • Distribution- Tableware, ovenware and gardenware in stoneware.
  • Hotel and Restaurants: Hotel equipment
  • Advertising: We apply personalized stamps in ceramics and glass
  • Energy: Energy Production
  • Packaging: (Plastic PETE, PP, OPS and other disposable articles)

We are aware that our performance success is directly connected with the strong image we built between all the organizations that bet and trust in the different solutions we can offer.
The proof of our value appears in all the developed synergies, and among the whole group of companies we work with, and we are proud to highlight the following ones:

  • Hotel Açores Lisboa (Bensaúde Group);
  • Jerónimo Martins Group
  • R.C Sanches Group (Restaurants Vitaminas Wok to Walk, Capri…) ;
  • Multifood Group (Restaurants Vitaminas Wok to Walk, Capri…);
  • Alentejo Group ( Restaurants Alentejo, Brasa Rio, Eataly…);
  • Starfood’s Group ( Restaurants Loja das Sopas, Frescos and Companhia das Sandes);
  • Chimarrão Group;
  • … Among others

We offer a constant customer follow-up through our sales team, so we can obtain all the information in order to improve our business, related to the packaging, transportation, so on.
We intend to grow in a sustainable way, and maintain ourselves with our customer’s constant partnership, and we hope to extend our business, specially to the external markets.

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