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CERGAM Company - Glass and porcelain customization

CERGAM - Produtos Cerâmicos, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.

Decoration and customization of glass and ceramics

CERGAM established itself in the industrial market in 1968. We are in the business of Glass and Porcelain Customization since 2008.

We dedicate ourselves to the customization and decoration of glass bottles, using a silk screen decal fired at 620 ºC, hence guaranteeing not only logo and colours durability, but also allowing the bottles to be washed in industrial or domestic dishwashers.

Personalized and decorated glass bottles

Glass bottles, drinking glasses, cups or mugs are ideal for the promotion of companies that want to show their ecological and social commitment.
CERGAM’s bottles are 100% glass and contain up to 10% of recycled glass. They are also reusable.

Personalized water bottles

We provide bottles for filtered water and purified water. Water filtration and water purification companies are part of our client portfolio.

Cergam has developed a color system for which it ensures uniform production.

The Cergam Colors - a total of 23 - are the summary of the most used colors in about 4,000 works.

We quote for application in black and for 1, 2 or 3 colors within the range of Cergam Colors.

Cergam produces works in other colors, but only for quantities greater than 250 units and after the sample and budget have been approved.
Optionally, we personalize each bottle with the name and surname.
The production period is 10 to 21 working days, adding the transport time to the customer.

The 620 ºC vitrification does not allow for "Pantone" colours or the four-color process (CMYK), just colours approximated to those.
For those clients who are more demanding in terms of colour and for quantities that exceed 250 units, Cergam makes real samples upon request.

CERGAM was a pioneer in orders of small quantities with multiple colours, but currently we produce from 24 to thousands of units.

We are in the district of Lisbon and we have a covered area of 2,500 m2 and an available area of more than 7,000 m2. We are experienced in the national and international market and we export to more 30 countries, namely Spain, Netherlands, France and USA.

Our policy and mission rely on a strong commitment to client satisfaction. Our products are traded and distributed in an efficient, quick and trustworthy way.

colors for custom glass and porcelain

CERGAM fiscal details:

CERGAM - Produtos Cerâmicos, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.
Corporate TIN 500536856. Registered in the Commercial Registry Office of Mafra. Share Capital: 100,000€.
Address: Estrada Velha da Avessada, N.º 3, Apartado 28 - 2665-281 MALVEIRA - PORTUGAL.

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